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Before I introduce to you our NUMERICAL MASTER, his published books and record let me give you some information.

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Nurses_Syndicate.gifIf you want to give yourself the best chances of winning a large payout from any kind of lottery, joining a lottery syndicate is the best way to go bar none. As it happens, more than 25% of lottery winners are members of lottery syndicates. In many cases, these syndicates are small groups of co-workers or friends who decide to work together to give everyone involved a better chance of winning a large jackpot. It's an ideal system, since it gives each member of the syndicate more chances to win while keeping each individual's expenses low.

When you are part of a lottery syndicate, the odds are much more in your favour than when you play the lottery as an individual; and the larger the number of people taking part in the syndicate, the better your chances are.

How A Syndicate Works

Any lottery syndicate should put together a written contract which lists every member of the syndicate. The contract should stipulate that any member which has not paid his or her share towards the lottery by a given date should not be entitled to any winnings from the drawing which he or she has not paid towards. Any member who has made their weekly payment into the syndicate's pool will, of course, be entitled to their share of the winnings, however.

A contract which lays out the terms explicitly and has every member of the syndicate listed by name provides a legally enforceable framework for the collection and distribution of money in any sum nationally or worldwide with ease. There are a lot of benefits to playing the lottery as a member of a syndicate and as long as everything is set up properly as described above, all you need to do is to make your weekly payments and decide what to do with your winnings when your lottery syndicate's numbers come up.

Winning Millions In A Syndicate

Under the new EuroMillions Lottery rules, there are also biannual "Super Draws", which involve jackpots of around 80 million -100 million (or about 116 million Euros). These jackpots must be won in a single draw however, so if there is no winning ticket, this jackpot will be paid out to the next winning tier; and for members of a lottery syndicate, this could be good news indeed.

The odds of winning a cash prize in the EuroMillions Lottery are pretty good - 1 in 24. Of course, while a lot of people win prizes in the lottery, not everyone is a jackpot winner. In fact, there are weeks where no one wins the jackpot, in which case the money is rolled over and added to the next week's jackpot. This continues up to eleven consecutive weeks (as of new rules instituted in 2007); and if the jackpot has not been won after the twelfth draw, the jackpot returns to a lower amount. More good news for Syndicate Members.

Why I Am Running This Syndicate

I decided to start a new syndicate as I looked around the net and found almost no one running a syndicate with my knowledge and experience. It all just appeared like a load of dross. Also very importantly not all the monies go into buying tickets.

Most small syndicates are run by a part timer. The ones who say they are professional hide the fact that they take some form of payment. They say play "this many lotteries, bingo, premium bonds blah! blah!. All you pay is x for z amount of lines or whatever" There are so many things to play no one can sort out what is what!

Any Professional organisation must make some sort of profit. Now let me go back to The Numerical Master

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